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What the heck?

This site is just a resource for Musicians / Computer Geeks.
I've been involved with IT, Electronics, and Music for years, never mastered any of 'em, so why not try 'em all at the same time ? "Mahogany Drive Recordings" is merely a figment of my imagination. (cause that don't cost much). No, it's not the street I live on, "Mahogany", because I've played primarily acoustic guitars for years, and "Drive", because of the DAW HDD (and maybe the drive to play / record). I've put this site together for the purpose of finding and sharing good resources for PC based Digital Audio Workstations, Recording, Computer Hardware / Software, Hints / Tips, and other interesting links for people who are trying to get started with some new toys, and maybe even some that have been doing it for a while. I do have a personal home studio in the works myself, not nearly enough done yet, but so far it's been a blast. Hope yours is too ! Someday, I intend to place mp3's of my recordings out here, but it'll be a little while yet before that happens.

I've been out there looking around for more resources myself, so I thought I would pass along what I've found. Plus it gives me some more crap to try to keep up with while I learn how to do this.

Mahogany Drive Website:
http://mahogany.htmlplanet.com (you're already here)